Online here. You can fill it in advance. You will need to fill the waiver prior to access our center, whether you are climber, visitor, are taking a course, or want to do the accreditation. Youth under the age of 18 must be signed by the parent or the legal guardian.

To belay other climbers at Vertige, you must understand the safety principle of climbing, such as belaying basics, individual safety equipment and proper use of this equipment, as well as climber communication.

In order to prove your understanding to our Vertige staff, you must pass the accreditation test. The accreditation must be passed upon your arrival at the center, before climbing. We do not permit any preparation or practice before the test, nor can anyone help or explain during the test.

In other words, if you have never climbed before, if you have never taken a course or if you do not pass the accreditation, we recommend taking our introduction course (top rope). The accreditation is non refundable.

You do not need to pass an accreditation to climb in the bouldering section.

No. You must pass the accreditation upon your arrival, once paid. This is non refundable.

No. We offer an initiation course for beginners in which we explain the basics of climbing and climbing safety. You can call to reserve a spot in one of our initiation courses.

Yes and no. We have a family package called the GriGri package. This package allows the parents to help their kids ages 12 and under, climb after learning how to use a GriGri. However, the children are not permitted to belay the parents and the parents can not belay among themselves. Check our group rates for children climbing and adults climbing under the supervision of a climbing instructor.

Wear comfortable clothing that gives you enough flexibility for movements. Most people prefer wearing pants or shorts that cover their knees to protect against the textured walls.

During the indoor climbing season, we set 2 to 5 new routes per week.

Yes. The admission price is the same as using the ropes for top rope climbing. However, no accreditation is required. Please sign the waiver prior to arrival.

Children ages 3 years old and older can discover climbing with the help of their parents or a responsable adult through our GriGri package. For groups, the minimum age requirement is 5 years old. For children from 3 to 7 years old, we offer the parent-child course on Saturday mornings. The registration is done in partnership with Sherbrooke Loisirs- Action. Visit their website for more information.

Yes, but they must sign the waiver and do their accreditation if they wish to belay a climber. If not, you can belay your friend(s) as long as you tie their knot on their harness for them. Peer education is not allowed in the climbing center. For beginners, we recommend our top rope climbing course.

Like all waivers and climbing books will say, climbing has its own set of dangers. If you are properly trained and you know how to use the equipment, you can lower the risks. In a climbing center, safety is the number one rule. If you have any questions about safety, we will be happy to help at the front desk or over the phone!