• Ages 8 years old and older : Instructions to belay their classmates
  • Ages 7 years old and under : Vertige animators will belay the kids
  • Supervision by our professional staff
  • Learn the basics of climbing safety
  • Tarzan rope for children in elementary school
  • Minimum purchase of $260
  • Time slots from 2 to 2.5 hours in the morning or afternoon

Top rope and training

For a more advanced climbing experience, we offer a series of courses targeting autonomy in top rope, better climbing techniques and integration of training exercises. Depending on your schedule, number of sessions, number of students and their objectives, we can adapt the course content and offer multiple learning options.


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The sport of climbing

Climbing, while offering a different experience of our daily activities, is an excellent activity to develop self-confidence, trust in others, interpersonal communication and team cohesion. In addition, it is a sport that few children have ever experienced, which puts every child at the same starting point. A pleasant and different activity to develop not only general strength, but also to develop movement creativity, and to improve proprioception.